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BASH is a non profit, 501(c)(3), organization developed to bring homeschoolers in Bexar and Atascosa counties together for fun and education. We serve San Antonio and surrounding areas but we welcome anyone who want to join our activities. There is no religious or spiritual requirement, no statement of faith is required. All faiths and belief systems are welcome. We have Christians, Pagans, Agnostics, Atheists… Our goal is friendship, fun and education without having to declare a religious philosophy. We also have a large array of educational philosophies and are an all inclusive group. All are welcome.

The BASH Mascot is the Boar!


BASH Members will enjoy:

Social Activities ▪ Mothers’ Night Out ▪ Fathers’ Night Out ▪ Parent Support Classes and Seminars ▪ All Ages Field Trips ▪ Preschool Field Trips ▪ Elementary Field Trips ▪ Teen Outings ▪ Park Days ▪ Sporting Teams ▪ Science Fair ▪ Art Show ▪ International Festival ▪ Scouting ▪ Holiday Parties ▪ Volunteer Opportunities ▪ Talent Show ▪ Co-Op Classes in north and south San Antonio ▪ Awards Night ▪ Graduation Ceremony ▪ Family Portraits ▪ Scholarship ▪


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